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The Mission of the Zimbabwe Open University
Zimbabwe Open University

The following is an example of a mission statement developed by a distance Education institution. This is the mission of the Zimbabwe Open University. No date of publication appears on the booklet, but it was submitted to the SAIDE Global DistEdNet researchers in June 1999.

Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe

Permission granted

The Mission 

As we approach the twenty-first century, the vision of this University is to maintain its leading role in higher education in Zimbabwe by adequately preparing itself for the excess demand for higher education in a financial resource starved environment and competition for the best students and qualified teaching staff. It is dedicated to the maintenance of its institutional autonomy in teaching, research and community service so as to be able to compete successfully in the turbulent world of higher education locally and internationally.

Therefore, the mission of the University is to strive to enhance its institutional capacity to offer first class undergraduate and postgraduate education in Zimbabwe and internationally by:-

      increasing the societal and instrumental value of higher education by offering
       state-of-the-art training and higher education to all suitably qualified students;

     promoting academic excellence through teaching, community service; and  
       undertaking relevant applied and basic research of the highest quality in the 
       natural and physical sciences; and the social sciences so that higher education 
       becomes part of the economic apparatus of Zimbabwean society;

     constantly adapting, developing and implementing new courses and programs to 
        meet the needs of a changing knowledge base, employment sector; and 
        socio-economic, political and international environment;

     developing a corporate culture and a sense of belonging in the University so that 
        all employees who are willing to take responsibility for their development  
        achieve their full potential;

     striving to take a leading responsibility for educational and research needs of 
        national, regional and international stakeholders; and

     attempting to achieve a level of financial viability and management which allows 
        for sustained growth, adequate capital investment and accumulation of reserves 
        to provide a sound financial base for the future development of the University.

To be able to achieve this vision and mission, the University is committed to a management culture and value system dedicated to improving student services; and the quality of its teaching, research and community service mandates so that we do not wait for the future. Instead, we are devoted to finding the future...



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